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Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012, 14:21

Kein Film im Anschluss der staffel :)

Are there plans for a movie?
GILLIGAN: I love the idea of it, and I learned a long time ago, ‘Never say never.’ But I have to say that my writers and I intend to tell every bit of story we can tell in this final sixteen. So, at this moment in time, I would say that the odds are a bit remote. If a year or two down the line [we] think of something else we could do, or if there’s anyone else left standing when the dust is cleared, who knows? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. But that would be wonderful. I’ll tell you what I’d really like – now that you’ve put it that way I’d love to have people watch all these episodes on a big screen because, once a year, we watch the premiere episode on a big screen with Dolby sound, 7.1 stereo. It is so thrilling. Anyone who likes this show would like it even more up on a big screen. I would really like for us to have the ability to show it on the big screen. Because it is a different experience. But having said that – no plans at the moment for a movie. I want to get it all said and done in these sixteen.
Der Autor der Serie sagt das alles was geplannt ist in die 16 Folgen untergebracht werden kann und so muss nciht auf eine Filmfortsetzung gewartet werden. Zum Glück :). Aber trotzdem würde er über eine Alternative nachdenken ins Kino zu wollen,jedoch ist dies ein neues Experiment.